Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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About us

images/pages/aboutus/WHO-WE-ARE-HISTORY.jpgTavanesh was launched in 2002, with the purpose of providing services in the field of communication. Over the years it has specialized in providing solutions, consultations, sales, installation, implementation and technical support services for Telecommunication, Satellite, Wireless, LAN and WAN networks and its related equipments.

Tavanesh in a short period of time realized its potential and sought its predetermined goals. It has used its solid scientific and technical capabilities and concrete experience to establish the company’s brand as a remarkably successful provider of specialized computer network services, and become a force in the competitive local market of internetworking services.

At present, Tavanesh provides clients all over the country with a wide range of services follows:

•    Network Consultation and Design
•    Optical Fiber Services
•    Repairment

 The variety and diversity of client organizations and individuals who have put their trust and their mammoth projects in the hands of experts at Tavanesh demonstrates how fast the company has established itself in the local market. This accomplishment is due to a number of factors, the most important of which are the technical expertise of a highly trained professional staff, valuable hands-on experience of company managers, proper investment to provide clients with high quality services, utilization of the most advanced scientific, scientific and technical resources and a costumer care package unprecedented in the local market.

With the unique technical and scientific resources and a world class professional team, Tavanesh has merged as a trendsetter in the local internetworking services and equipments, offering specialized services to a large number of organizations and companies throughout the nation.