Monday, September 23, 2019

انتخاب زبان

Consult & Design

consultConsultation and solutions provided for the design and implementation of computer networks, as well as the implementation of these systems are the most crucial services offered at Tavanesh. The highly expert team of professionals, work on identifying customer needs and handle the required engineering process, provide speedy response and effective consultation and solutions based on the needs and requirements unique to every organization. 

Utilizing cutting edge, world standard technologies in presenting advanced LAN, WAN and MAN services to the local market has earned Tavanesh a prominent place as one of the technical leaders in the nation. 

To implement advanced networks in organizations, Tavanesh offers extensive services, providing clients with: 

  • Design
    Tavanesh offers a broad range of consultation, design and solutions for wireless and cable networks. Tavanesh offers services in both general categories of LAN/WAN and Campus networks. Structured Cabling and Wireless LAN, and Fiber Optic and Broadband Wireless are the most important services in these two categories, respectively.
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Network Implementation
    After providing customers with solid, dependable consultation for the design and implementation of computer networks, Tavanesh supplies them with the required equipments for the project, and constructs the proposed networking system into operation.
    • Complete Set of Network Equipments
    • Network Implementation and Supplying the Software Applications