Saturday, February 22, 2020

انتخاب زبان


service 02Reliable support system for all products and services, effective response to a broad range of customer needs and requirements, world class expertise and experience, and the first expert network and telecommunication equipment repair shop in the country are some of the unique features that have made the collection of Tavanesh products and services stand out in the competitive local market.

Relying on the company´s expert team with a rich knowledge of the latest cutting edge technical and telecommunication products and equipments, Tavanesh has taken big steps in the introduction of top quality services for the computer network design, installation and implementation in the country. The exceptional consultation, technical and expert services have made Tavanesh a highly familiar name in the network services market.

Of the most distinctive service features of Tavanesh are the variety of products and the high quality of the provided equipments. A wide range of public and private organizations now use Tavanesh products and service to utmost satisfaction.

To give you a better picture of the Tavanesh products and services, here are brief descriptions of each:

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