Saturday, February 22, 2020

انتخاب زبان

Clients & Projects

With substantial investments and professional workforce in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, Tavanesh has made remarkable achievements in providing just the right services to the companies and organizations operating in the region. With several successful projects already accomplished, Tavanesh is paying special attention to the PSEEZ, and expanding the scope of its regional activities and services in step with the development of more active projects in the region. Some of the Tavanesh clients in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone are:

  • Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Organization
  • Mapna (Power Plant Projects Management)
  • Jam Petrochemical Co.
  • Morvarid Petrochemical Co.
  • Kavian Petrochemical Co.
  • Mobin Petrochemical Co.
  • Arya Sasol Polymer Co.
  • Rah-e Sahel Co.