Monday, September 23, 2019

انتخاب زبان


Tavanesh started to work in July 2002 with the primary objective of sales, installation and the implementation of advanced networking needs. With the gradual expansion of the capabilities and technical resources of Tavanesh, other required services were gradually added to the Tavanesh service pack, such as consultation and solutions for organizations, network security, troubleshooting maintenance and repair services for network equipments, and a comprehensive support system for all company services.

The technical and financial strength, highly experienced team with deep understanding of trends in demand and the market, technical experts, state of the art products and services unequaled in the market, and continues efforts to guarantee and satisfy the clients needs made Tavanesh a familiar name in the internetworking market. Tavanesh has secured a prominent place among the nations internetworking market, and now provides a complete network service package to a wide variety of clients.

Tavanesh provides clients with new solutions for their needs by extending its capabilities and strengths. As a result, clients recognize Tavanesh for its practical, reliable consultations, exceptional requirement analysis and engineering, and effective after sales services.

In tune with world´s latest standards and enjoying a healthy, ethical competition, Tavanesh climbs the ladder of success with strength and agility. Appropriate financial and technical investments, applying advanced technologies, accurate identification of clients´ needs and customizing services brought a new meaning to the internetworking in the market, and changed the perception of clients and players of such services.

Tavanesh initialized service packages and costumer care services nonexistent in the local market. Services a superb after-sales support, equipped with the first specialized troubleshooting and specialized repair lab for internetworking equipments and advanced warehouses for internetworking equipments greatly enhancing the speed and delivery of client needs are few factors that has given Tavanesh a lead in the local market.

Tavanesh by serving a diverse clientele, accompanied with specialized services catering to the needs of each client all over the nation, and exclusive rights in providing services for Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) is further proof of the strength and its standing in the internetworking industry of the nation.